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Children's Learning Cottage is committed to educating, inspiring and engaging children in a safe, fun and supportive environment!


Children’s Learning Cottage provides high-quality child care programs for children ages 2 to 5 years old, serving working families in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. We offer experienced teachers, flexible scheduling and low classroom ratios. Through our balanced approach, combining best practices in early childhood education, with a nurturing atmosphere tailored to each child, we work with you to prepare your child for each developmental stage. Our flexible hours and competitive tuition are designed to fit your family’s busy lifestyle. ​​


Children’s Learning Cottage was founded in 2010 by Adela Alvarado. As the school’s director, Adela brings over 25 years of experience combining practical knowledge and early childhood education. She creates the center’s curriculum and learning environment. Adela is a child advocate and believes every young person deserves quality preschool education. With her warmth and dedication, she is committed to providing the best preschool experience.​​
“​​​​​​​This is so much more than a preschool. The environment you have set up both physical and otherwise is extraordinary. Evie has grown so much since she started at CLC, and I know a lot of that is due to your influence, both direct and indirect.” – Jessica and Peter

Our Values

Children’s Learning Cottage core values are designed to support children and families.

  1. Provide children with a nurturing environment where development of self-concepts, independence, free choice, social skills, and respect for individuality can take place.
  2. Allow children to spend time with friends engaging in a range of activities including art, science, cooking, music and movement, and large and fine motor skill development.
  3. Help children gain self-discipline within an environment of known limits and expectations. 
  4. Support children as they explore their surroundings with curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
  5. Promote respect for others and learning materials in the classroom.
“We are delighted with Isaac’s development, and CLC plays an essential part in it. Isaac is enthusiastic to come to preschool every day. He came without speaking English and no friends. But, after a few months, he is comfortable with his second language and enjoys speaking about his social adventures at the preschool.” – Justine and Ludovic

Education Approach

Learning Tools​


Responsive Curriculum: Children study what interests them. Our teachers observe what subjects attract children, puddles, shadows, or dinosaurs for example, then create a curriculum to explore those topics. 

Learning Environment: The classroom is considered the “third teacher,” and careful attention goes into the look, feel and use of the space. It is arranged to accommodate small and large group project learning with intimate spaces for children to work together. Documentation of student achievements is displayed at both the child and adult eye levels. 

Child Development: Children are competent individuals with the ability to construct their own learning experience. Our teachers respect, listen, observe, interact and learn from the children.

Ways to Create: We integrate the graphic arts as a tool for cognitive, linguistic, and social development. Children choose how to best express themselves through print, art, construction, drama, music, puppetry, shadow play and more.

We Collaborate: Collaborative group work, both large and small, is valuable and necessary to advance cognitive development. Children are encouraged to discuss, critique, compare, negotiate, hypothesize, and solve problems together through group projects.
Children’s Learning Cottage team of professionals consists of highly educated, credentialed and experienced individuals with degrees in Early Childhood Education, as well as certifications in CPR and First Aid. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds including teaching, speech and language, positive guidance, social play, sports and more. Collectively, we have over 30 years of specialized teaching in social-emotional development, curriculum development, and team management experience. 


We host fun experiences and activities for families to get to know each other throughout the year. Join us at Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, summertime ice cream social, and preschool graduations events. Parents are welcome to come and read to the children, share a cultural activity and much more.
“We can not tell you how happy we are to be part of the CLC family. You have created such a warm and inviting environment where Nick loves to come and learn. He has come a long way socially and academically this year. Thank you for all your dedication and love.” – Gillespie Family
Inside the Classroom
Butterfly Classroom
2-3 years old
  • Through activities, children build basic socialization skills, attention span, and the ability to listen and follow directions.
  • Our small classroom ratio allows children to develop at their own pace, express their feelings, and positively explore their surroundings. 
  • Children are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.
Our staff is devoted to creating a safe, nurturing, caring, fun and stimulating learning environment for children aged 2 to 5.5 years old. Our teachers are committed to working alongside families to develop a unique experience for our children’s overall growth and development.

Extension of the Classroom

Courtyard Playground

Our enclosed courtyard has a small wooden house, reading nook, art area, toys and plants creating an atmosphere of fun and learning.


We have a dedicated space to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The garden enhances our science curriculum and provides children with "hands-on" learning opportunities. 

Children’s Bathroom 

Our bathroom is fully equipped and sized for preschool-aged children. With an underwater theme, kids enjoy using the bathroom. Children learn proper hand washing techniques and practice brushing their teeth after lunch.
Ladybug Classroom
3-4 years old
  • Children learn independence, language development, cooperative play, problem-solving and creative exploration.
  • Our program is designed to develop children's curiosity and exploration within their environment.
Dragonfly Classroom
4-5 years old
  • Children's critical thinking skills emerge. Their activities and play become more complex as they develop readiness for Kindergarten. 
  • Our program is structured to provide a well-rounded curriculum of music and movement, art, literature, language arts, science, social studies, and pre-math to encourage children to reach their fullest potential.
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“​​We don't have enough words to express how grateful we are to have founf CLC! Stefan learned through play and made friends for life. Thnk you for having us be part of the CLC family and making it "  home away from home.” – Chiriac Family
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